Audi A3 front subframe axle

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This is a brand new OE spcification Audi A3 front subframe.

This is a brand new OE spcification Audi A3 front subframe.

The original Audi A3 subframes are prone to corrosion issues, especially in high road salt use countries and areas. The A3 Subframe rots out becoming unstable and becomes prone to collapse or fracture. The bushes also over time wear and crack causing movement and a cheaper alternative is to replace the whole subframe. 

As with all new parts our Audi A3 subframe comes with a 2year warranty

fits most models from 1999 - 2005, check the OE number for confirmation

Don't risk fitting a used subframe when you can get a new OE quality one with brand new high-quality bushes pre-installed.

Common symptoms of a corroded/worn bushed subframe are:

  • Knocking noise coming from the front
  • uneven Wear of the front tyres 
  • Irregular tracking readings 
  • Suspension Collapse 
  • Irregular steering feedback or movement 
  • Unpredictable handling

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Warranty 2 Years
Condition New
Reference OE/OEM Number 1J0199313A
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