Ford Mondeo mk3 new front subframe

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Ford Mondeo MK3 front subframe

This is a brand new OE specification Ford Mondeo MK3 front subframe. The original Ford Mondeo front subframe has a tendancy to rust right through and although you can weld them up it's a much better idea to buy a new one. The bushes also fail and it's easy to inadvertenly damage the subframe while changing the bushes.

As with all new parts our Ford Mondeo subframe comes with a 2 year warranty

This fits all Ford Mondeo MK3 2000 - 2008

More Information
Vehicle Manufacturer Ford
Condition New
Reference OE/OEM Number 1116600, 1118694, 1124018, 1124641, 1147399, 1307887, 1437596
Warranty 2yrs
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